Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dont Let Security Put you Off

I've heard loads of reasons why people dont want to go to Israel (most of them are total rubbish) but there is one which I heard for the first time this week which made me jump - they were scared of being interrogated at the airport.

Most people view the efforts Israel puts in to securing its airports and airlines as great. It takes another weight off their mind as they travel. Ben Gurion Airport is widely regarded to be the most secure airport in the world, whilst El Al is the most secure airline. And, in terms of safety, El Al has just come fourth in the world.

For sure, some people have a bad experience when entering Israel. And yes an Israeli Jew travelling with kids is less likely to be stopped than a Western student travelling alone who has never been to Israel before, knows nobody there, and is badly dressed. But if you have nothing to hide, then nothing will happen. The aim of security is to make you safe - the security staff are there for you, and if you have nothing to hide, there will be no problem.

Of course there are horror stories out there of interrogations, but bear in mind how few and far between these are compared to how many people travel through the airports into Israel each year, and you'll realise that they are really exceptional.

So dont find excuses (and how anybody can contemplate letting high security put them off travelling somewhere is beyond me!) and get on that plane (finding the best deals on tickets through our sister site so you can come and be cool in Israel.


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