Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring Starters - New Flights to Israel

As we enter the Spring, European airlines are starting their new timetables. This sees large increases in capacity to Israel - and (hopefully) lower fares.

Some of the airlines who will be bringing more passengers into Ben Gurion Airport over the next weeks are:
  • Italian airline Alitalia who will add 3 more weekly flights to Milan starting March 29
  • British airline, BMI, who started flights to Israel last year, and have said that it has been their most successful route launch ever(!), will be adding one extra flight every day from March 31.
  • On April 26, Lufthansa will begin flights between Munich and Tel Aviv four times a week.
  • As well as this, Russian airline Aerosvit will start services to Simferopol and Donetsk.
What does this mean?

Not only does it mean that by the end of next month there will be about 20 extra flights to Israel every week, but Milan, London, and Munich are major hubs, and the extra flights give a greater chance of you finding an even greater deal on flights to Israel!


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