Sunday, 8 March 2009

Will Easyjet be Flying from London to Tel Aviv

These rumours have sprung up in the past and faded away as quickly. But maybe this time its different?

The Wikipedia article for Easyjet and Ben Gurion Airport says that the airline will begin flights from London Luton Airport to Tel Aviv by September. We know that Easyjet did say a few years ago that they would begin flights to Israel by 2008. This never happened, but maybe they are now reconsidering. There is definetely a market for a low-cost airline to fly from London to Tel Aviv. At the moment, there are at least 45 flights a week, although all apart from Israir are low-cost as charter-airline Thomsonfly doesnt include Tel Aviv in its summer schedule.

BMI, who began flights to Tel Aviv from London last year have not only said that it was their most successful route launch ever, but have also increased the capacity of the aircraft used, and added an extra daily flight. BA have increased capacity over the last years, as has El Al, whilst Israir have added flights during the summer.

The question of whether Easyjet will come to Israel is something which a lot of people are sitting with their fingers crossed over. True low-cost fares to Tel Aviv will surely increase passengers on this route dramatically bringing in a new type of traveller.

We hope this rumour is this time true, and as soon as we know any more, we'll be sure to let you know.

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