Thursday, 7 May 2009

London to Eilat Direct Flights This Winter

The Isrotel hotel group who operate eight hotels in Eilat have seen the demand. Now they're planning to run 14 charter flights this Winter between Luton Airport (from where El Al just last week started 6 weekly flights to Tel Aviv) to Ovda near to Eilat. This was reported in this weeks Jewish Chronicle. The flights will be the first in a few years to operate direct between the UK and Eilat. In the past, passengers have had to transfer at Tel Aviv which, whilst not difficult, adds time to the journey.

The Catch? Isrotel limits the passengers to guests at their own hotels. But then there is such a selection that you should find one to suit your requirements.

The flights will be operated on planes owned by El Al's charter airline, Sun D'Or and will be full service.

We hope there are more to come...


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