Friday, 24 July 2009

El Al to Introduce Low-Cost Flights

10-20% of seats on El Al flights to Europe will soon be sold on a low-cost model similar to that of Easyjet and Air Berlin, two low-cost airlines who have recently decided to start flying to Israel.

El Al will designate a certain area of the economy cabin of its aircraft flying short haul routes to super-low fares. The low-cost fares will mean that a base fare for flights to Europe will be $199 USD although travellers will have to pay for other services on top of this.

Estimated extra costs:

Luggage check in: $10 per suitcase

Hot meal: $10

Breakfast, including coffee: $6

Light meals and snacks: $3-4

Hot and cold beverages: $1.5-2

Sandwich: $5


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